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We use a unique approach that combines the best online and offline learning methods

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Change the way you think about the game; chess is not just for smart people – it’s for everyone

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Our mission at Chess Made Fun is to bring the love and fun of chess to individuals, families, and communities. We provide moderately priced chess instruction, supporting products and a unique technology platform that matches you with the coach of your choice to help you take your chess game to the next level. 

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"I'm 8 years old and I learned so much about how to play chess from Chess Made Fun. I have two amazing coaches! It's easy to log on and get playing whether it's with other players or my coaches. I give them two thumbs up!"
"Chess Made Fun is a phenomenal platform to play chess on! Most often I log in and play during group play, but it's also nice to be able to log on in between those events and get in some practice games & puzzles. I love that there are so many opportunities to play during their frequent group meets and in between matches I can watch others play too."
“I never really thought about chess becoming part of my life. Actually I never thought about chess at all. But when I met Yvonne White, and she invited me to log on to Chess Made Fun, it turn out to be not just fun, but educational. Its easy to log on and practice, and you can play virtual games, join open play and take lessons. I would recommend Chess Made Fun to anyone who wants to improve their game or start as a beginner!"

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